Ukraine’s Torture Photos Exposed As Hoax

( On Tuesday, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry published a picture of a box labeled “gold dental crowns,” which they claimed had been taken from Ukrainian victims in a “torture chamber” in Pisky-Radkivski, which they had nicknamed “little Auschwitz.”

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry tweeted – “A torture chamber in Pisky-Radkivski,” “2 photos. A gas mask was put on the head of a victim who was covered with a smoldering rag and buried alive. And a box of gold dental crowns. A mini Auschwitz. How many more will be found in occupied Ukraine?”

Ukrainian authorities and media sources like The Telegraph and The Independent propagated the story to millions of people, causing it to go viral.

The German news organization BILD went to Pisky-Radkivski to investigate the allegation and discovered that the crowns were stolen from a local dentist.

According to BILD, the teeth were presumably not taken from tortured or deceased people but rather from patients and a dentist’s supply.

The teeth appear to be stolen from my collection. He had seen the image of the ministry from BILD. So, if they were discovered here, “they must be.”

The dentist surmises that the Russians took the teeth to scare the Ukrainians and because they believed they were made of genuine gold (when they were, in fact, stainless steel).

According to some locals, the Russians used the teeth to frighten people.

When asked if the crowns could have come from a deceased person, the dentist responds, “My God, no! They originate from patients I’ve seen throughout the years. These teeth were terrible, so I extracted them.”

The dentist told BILD that he had extracted tens of thousands of teeth over the past 30 years. This was merely a tiny portion of them. He occasionally removes five to eight teeth in a single day and has 33 years of experience.

The origin of the gas mask visible in the other image is unclear.

The origin of the dildo (yes, a dildo was in one of the pictures) is unclear.