UK Prime Minister Says Putin Still Has A Way Out Of Conflict

( According to 19FortyFive, a national security analysis site, the British Prime Minister has called on Russia to pay “recompense” to resume diplomatic contacts. Russian President Vladimir Putin knows that normal economic and diplomatic relations with the West are unlikely to resume soon. However, newly elected British Prime Minister Liz Truss stated this week that a resumption of engagement with Russia is feasible if the country makes “appropriate reparation” for the invasion.

However, before that can happen, Russia’s president must remove his forces from Ukraine.

According to 19FortyFive, British Conservative Prime Minister Liz Truss emphasized that Russia should leave Ukraine while speaking to reporters on her way to New York for a United Nations session. She claimed that fair restitution must be made for what occurred in Ukraine, and they must ensure Russia is never again free to threaten nations on its border.

Her remarks are unlikely to please Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin mentioned NATO’s eastward expansion as one of the grounds for the “special military operation,” and an endeavor by the West to impair Russia’s ability to threaten its neighbors is unlikely to be acceptable. Truss’ comments are likely part of an effort to define her premiership and signal a continuation of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s long-term commitment to Ukraine.

According to British government officials, the definition of “recompense” might range from economic compensation for the harm caused to Ukraine to a war crimes tribunal if proof of war crimes is discovered.

Should Russia be forced to remove its forces from Ukraine, expecting them to pay for reconstructing Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure is a stretch. It would probably cost Putin his presidency, and it would only occur due to Russia’s inability to build alternative commercial links in the east to sustain and grow its economy.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyal claims that the entire cost of reconstructing Ukraine might exceed $750 billion. According to some estimates, the number is $349 billion.

Truss told Britain’s Channel 5 News that the UK could assist Ukraine with its reconstruction. However, she would expect Russia, which has massive oil and gas reserves, to contribute to reconstructing it.

What a waste of life, time, and money.