UFO Investigator Says He Found Something

(PresidentialHill.com)- In the fall of 2016, while Graham Woodward, a retired BT engineer, and his son were driving home, they observed three bright white lights in the shape of a triangle floating above Westcott Place.

On September 25 at about 8.19 p.m., it was visible for about three minutes and then went silent.

“It was as large as a light aircraft, and the three bright lights were on the points of a three-sided black or very dark triangle,” said Woodward.

Then, phone calls from other Adver readers in Walcot, Greenmeadow, and Liden to report similar sightings were received.

A Scottish author specializing in unidentified flying objects claims to have now thoroughly determined what this bizarre airborne occurrence was, some six years after it occurred.

This occurs while NASA conducts a scientific investigation into what is now known as UAPs or unidentified abnormal phenomena. A report summarizing the results of this investigation is expected to be published later this year.

James Welsh has devoted much of his leisure time since 2001 to researching the phenomenon. He claims to have been a close-range eyewitness to many UFO encounters in Glasgow in December 1999.

“When I saw the photograph, I knew exactly what I was looking at. This particular sighting is now closed along with many others. I don’t want to give away too much information right now as it’s all part of a much wider disclosure currently underway.

It puts a spanner in the works for NASA’s current study. My findings will change the fabric of reality and cause major problems for the space administration’s reputation as it’s abundantly clear that they are lying about these matters. I’m going to blow the lid right off the UFO coverup and I have more than enough evidence to prove it.” – James Welsh

Welsh said very big things are coming for humanity. He says he has definitive answers on tap, ready to begin rolling out.

“I’m done with these people lying to us – the gloves are now off,” Welsh said.

James is investigating whether the truth is out there with fellow paranormal researchers Ron Halliday and Malcolm Robinson.

According to a NASA representative, there aren’t many high-quality observations of UAP; thus, it’s now hard to reach any judgments regarding the nature of such events.

Therefore, the study’s main objective is to advise NASA about the data that might be gathered to shed light on UAP.

There is no proof that UAPs are aliens, and NASA has not discovered any reliable evidence of extraterrestrial life. However, NASA is exploring the solar system and beyond to help us answer fundamental questions, including “whether we are alone in the universe.”

Welsh vows to “set the record straight” with a new book, Majestic Evidence.