UFC Boss Reveals How He Stood Up For Trump

Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) CEO Dana White said one of his sponsors demanded he remove a pro-Trump video from his social media platforms. During a guest interview on Theo Von’s podcast, White said he told the sponsor to “Go f**k yourself.”

Mr. White did not name the company but said he vehemently rejects the idea that anyone can interfere with his political allegiance or tell him how to vote. “Don’t ever f***ing call me and tell me who to vote for,” he said.

The friendship between White and Trump stretches back decades and began in 2001 when the UFC used one of Trump’s many properties to stage its annual fighting event. In 2016, White gave a speech at the Republican National Convention and endorsed Trump for President, saying he encouraged the UFC when nobody else would. “Donald was the first guy that recognized the potential that we saw in the UFC and encouraged us to build our business,” he told the Republican audience.

White describes the former President as a man with excellent business instincts, a hard worker, and a “loyal and supportive friend.”

More recently, Donald Trump appeared at the 2023 UFC event at Madison Square Garden on November 12. Mr. Trump’s entrance to the venue was beamed onto large screens and met with an enormous cheer and chants of “USA, USA.”

Polls show that the former President’s popularity is not confined to UFC fans, however, as his numbers continue to skyrocket. Latest surveys, taken in November, show that Trump is expanding his lead, while second-place contender Ron DeSantis remains steady or drops back. An Emerson College poll from November 11 places Trump at 63% with DeSantis down to 11%. Nikki Haley’s numbers are also growing and hovering at around 10%.

One CNN survey placed her at 20%, with DeSantis trailing at 9%. The Floridian has launched a website – Real Nikki Haley – accusing the former South Carolina Governor of being a secret liberal.