U.S. Senate Rocked By Special Endorsement

As the 2024 election cycle takes shape and Chuck Smith enters a field overrun with swamp things, America First firebrand and retired Naval Chief Petty Officer Jarome Bell has backed Smith to be the next US Senator from Virginia.

Smith is running against Democratic incumbent and Clinton supporter Tim Kaine for Virginia’s upcoming US Senate seat in 2024. Another state senator, Amanda Chase, is also a supporter of Smith.

Bell endorsed Smith, calling him “a great man” and a fighter for America First values.

He stated he’d known Chuck for a long time and that, as a fellow Virginian and Black Conservative, he was confident that Chuck would win over the critical minority votes required to defeat Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s previous running mate.

He added that Chuck Smith is a staunch defender of Conservatism, and he guaranteed that Smith “won’t back down.”

According to Bell, Chuck has significant roots in Virginia and has more experience than any other Virginian he knows defending American liberty in the armed forces, the courts, and the political party. Smith served as a JAG Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy.

He said he led the largest party in Virginia to victory as chair of the Republican Party in Virginia Beach. 

These are the reasons why he is backing Chuck Smith in his bid for a seat in the US Senate.

Chuck Smith faces swamp creature Scott Parkinson in the Republican primary.

Parkinson has spent the last 16 years working as a political operative for three different U.S. senators, according to his profile with the Club for Growth.

After supervising Ron DeSantis’ transition team in Florida, he served as DeSantis’ chief of staff in Washington, DC, when DeSantis was the Florida governor’s representative.