U.S. Intel Says Putin Has Accomplished “Zero”

(PresidentialHill.com)- According to the Pentagon, Ukraine can win the war against Russia as Moscow struggles to score victories of consequence.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby says Russian President Vladimir Putin has achieved zero of his strategic goals and is just acquiring control of a tiny number of small population centers.

In September of 2021, Putin said the same about the U.S.
During the years when US soldiers were stationed in Afghanistan “trying…to civilize the people who live there, to introduce their norms and standards of life in the broadest sense of the word, including the political organization of society, the result was sheer tragedies, sheer losses, both for those who were doing that—the U.S.—and more so for the people who live in Afghanistan. A zero result, if not negative,” Putin said.
Kirby’s assessment of “zero achievements” comes as US authorities claim that at least 24,000 Russian troops have left the area around Kyiv. However, there are still suspicions that they are refitting and resupplying in readiness for future deployment in Ukraine. The forces departing the region were relocating to Belarus and Russia to solidify their positions, although it was unclear how many would be returned to Ukraine.

A US defense official said on condition of anonymity that the fear of a ground invasion in Kyiv has subsided for the time being. Still, it’s unclear what their longer-term objectives are.

In other developments, the mayor of Dnipro, which has a population of nearly one million people and is located in eastern Ukraine, is urging women, children, and the elderly who are not directly involved in the economy to leave the city because it is located in an area where fighting is expected to grow significantly.

Similar suggestions have been made in the Luhansk area, located east of the Dnipro.
Luhansk’s regional governor advised all people to flee if it was still feasible to do so in relative safety.
The Kyiv administration has warned that Russian soldiers are regrouping and preparing for a fresh onslaught in the Donbas territory, which comprises the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.
There will always be conflicting assessments about Russia’s effectiveness in capturing Ukraine. Still, Ukrainian forces are faring considerably better than was expected when it was besieged by the madman Putin.