U.N. Report: Billions of People Around the Globe in Danger from ‘Climate Change’

(PresidentialHill.com)- As the world’s major economies struggle with inflation following COVID-19 lockdowns and as Ukraine faces a bombardment from the Russian military, the United Nations thinks it’s the perfect time to start warning that the world is in immediate danger from climate change.

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published a report on Monday in which it claimed that billions of people all over the world are in serious danger of the weather. The report paints a particularly unpleasant and terrifying picture of the state of the planet and predicts that lives will be destroyed as a result of extreme weather.

“Climate change and related extreme events will significantly increase ill health and premature deaths from the near- to long-term (high confidence),” the report reads. “Globally, population exposure to heatwaves will continue to increase with additional warming, with strong geographical differences in heat-related mortality without additional adaptation (very high confidence).”

It goes on to claim that food-borne, water-borne, and vector-borne diseases will become more common as the climate continues to change, claiming that residents of sub-Sarahan Africa, Asia, Europe, and Central and South America, will all be impacted.

In other words, everyone is going to be affected.

Then it describes how a variety of mental health problems will arise as a result of climate change, including anxiety and stress.

The U.N. report claims that the risks are unavoidable in the short term, but that some risks can be “moderated with adaptation.”

One of the authors of the report, Kristie Ebi, told National Public Radio that people are already “suffering and dying from climate change.”

So, what do they propose?

Well, Ebi and others say that the only way to avert disaster is to stop using fossil fuels in power plants and cars, and that the United States should do more to reduce emissions – despite the U.S. only making up roughly 11% of the world’s emissions.

Maybe Ebi and her team should speak to China and India about their massive (and increasing) carbon emissions, instead…