Two Inmates Charged in Fight That Left Prison Counselor Brain Dead

On Thursday, prosecutors brought charges against a second prisoner in connection with the fight at a Wisconsin juvenile correctional facility, leaving a counselor with a terrible life-altering injury.

After an argument with a 16-year-old inmate, a counselor at Wisconsin’s problematic adolescent jail was pronounced brain-dead, according to Wednesday’s announcement by the county coroner, this occurred a little over three weeks after the warden and many staff members were indicted on criminal charges in connection with the deaths of two maximum security prisoners.

Corey Proulx’s family may proceed with organ donation after Lincoln County Coroner Valerie Caylor said Tuesday that Proulx, 49, had been ruled brain dead.

On Wednesday, prosecutors in adult court presented the prisoner with three counts of battery by a prisoner, two counts of criminal murder-battery, and second-degree reckless homicide. If found guilty on all counts, the maximum punishment is 58 years in prison.

Lincoln County Circuit Judge Galen Bayne-Allison reportedly posted a $100,000 cash bail with him. Jessica Fehrenbach, a public defender, is representing him in court.

Online court documents indicate that a fight broke out Monday at Lincoln Hills-Copper Lake Schools, the state’s juvenile jail, leading to the following charges: two counts of being a party to battery by a prisoner and one count of being a party to a felony. Rian Nyblom, 17, was charged.

According to the records, a female counselor was the object of dissatisfaction from a juvenile offender who believed she was abusing her position of power. According to the most recent criminal complaint, Nyblom informed investigators that the female counselor was going to be “splashed” with conditioner before the 16-year-old teen would begin hitting her. Nyblom supplied the younger inmate with the conditioner.

The inmate attacked her according to plan. After Proulx stepped in, he was punched, lost his balance, and his skull slammed onto the concrete. On Tuesday afternoon, neurologists declared him brain dead.

The Lincoln County DA  brought adult charges against the 16-year-old, including felony murder-violence, two counts of battery by a prisoner, and second-degree reckless homicide.

Nyblom was charged with being a party to a homicide.