Twitter Is Banning Women Who Complain About An Adult “Transgender” Competing Against Children

( The Twitter overlords are banning women who dare speak out against transgenders competing in female sports. After women took to Twitter to express their frustration and disagreement with the decision to allow a biological man compete in a Gaelic soccer final, Twitter began suspending accounts for “hateful conduct,” according to Summit News.

Giulia Valentino is a balding biological man who bears all of the features and characteristics of a man. He moved to Dublin from Italy and advocated for biological men to play in females sports. He has also complained about not being allowed to use the women’s changing room.

Valentino, regardless of the clear physical advantage he has over the other players was allowed to compete in Na Gaeil Aeracha which reportedly describes itself as Ireland’s “first explicitly LGBTQ+ inclusive” football club.

After disagreeing with the decision, women’s account have been suspended and sometimes completely banned for what Twitter calls “hateful conduct.”

“The women who have been suspended from Twitter are the latest in a long line of women—and some men—who have been banned from the social media platform for stating the truth,” said Women’s Right Network’s Heather Binning.

Another Twitter user mentioned how Valentino might hurt some of the girls that he is competing against given his physicality. “They’d a biological adult male against 16-year-old-girls?” he wrote. “Not going to put the photos as don’t want to highlight or hurt any individual feelings, but this genuinely will hurt someone physically.”

Valentino reportedly stated that he left team sports after being uncomfortable playing with men. Ironic, isn’t it?

“I quit team sports when I started feeling uncomfortable with the male environment… Actually, I am playing rugby with a women’s team, and it is my first team experience after the transition,” Valentino previously stated.

Valentino reportedly performs at a fetish club where he goes by the name “trans dyke.” Images can be found of him on social media dressed up in fetish gear dancing on stripper poles.