Tucker Carlson Reveals He’s Not Vaccinated

(PresidentialHill.com)- In early April, Fox News host Tucker Carlson admitted that he hasn’t received the COVID vaccine, and naturally, the left-wing media is aghast at the news.

On April 2, Carlson was invited to speak at Awaken Church in San Marcos, California where, at one point during his talk, he dismissed the idea of getting a second booster shot and said since he skipped the first three, “I’m not getting that one either.”

The huffy liberal outlet Mediaite was aghast by the news, offering a hyperventilating “report” about the throwaway remark and recounting Tucker’s history of so-called “disinformation” about the COVID vaccines, like daring to question the vaccine’s efficacy.

On a related note, over seventy fully vaccinated and boosted people who attended the April 2 Gridiron Dinner in Washington have contracted COVID. But how dare Tucker Carlson question the “efficacy” of the COVID vaccines.

In a report about Tucker’s appearance at Awaken Church, a writer from Voice of San Diego was quick to point out that the church made headlines during the pandemic “for repeatedly refusing to abide by COVID-19 regulations.”

So we’re still doing the naming and shaming of people who refused to obey lockdowns, are we? That’s so 2020.

The Voice of San Diego also noted that other “right-wing luminaries” have also been invited to speak at Awaken Church, including Dennis Prager, Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, and *gasp* Trump associates Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and Eric Trump.

The writer closes his report by pointing out that the evening’s event ended with the pastor of Awaken Church praying (*gasp*) for Tucker Carlson and thanking God for “putting Carlson on TV.”