Tucker Carlson May Expand Media Efforts Into New Company

You could soon watch TuckerWorld on your TV, smartphone, and computer.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Tucker Carlson, a former anchor on Fox News, reportedly wants to start a media company to build on the success of his Twitter shows.

According to the article, which relies on interviews with persons who know the situation, the concept is still in the brainstorming phase, and efforts are being made to acquire funds for its development.

According to the Journal’s account, Carlson will be working with Neil Patel, who co-founded The Daily Caller with Carlson.

The article states that to raise the capital needed to transform the idea into a corporation, the team working on the project has sought the aid of bankers, attorneys, and media strategists.

The article also states that Twitter has been asked to assist.

The Journal stated that CEO of Twitter Linda Yaccarino had met with Carlson producer Justin Wells. The story claims that Twitter has talked with the ex-Fox News anchor about bringing Twitter videos to TVs.

Carlson was shown to be wary of using YouTube for his project because of the site’s history of censoring conservative voices.

According to the article, the firm intends to offer free material like Carlson’s Twitter tweets and premium, subscription-only content with greater depth and breadth.

The Journal claims Carlson would be one of several hosts contributing to the show.

Musk has wished for conservatives like Carlson and those on the left to join the platform. The Journal reports that in addition to Twitter, the media initiative will launch a website and a mobile app.

Carlson’s employment at Fox News was terminated in April, although he is still under contract with the channel. The network has sent him cease-and-desist letters for his Twitter project.