Tucker Carlson “Leaks” Make Him More Popular

This week, the far-left group Media Matters tried to make former Fox News host Tucker Carlson look bad by posting leaked behind-the-scenes footage of him at the Fox News studios. However, Media Matter’s scheme didn’t go as planned.

The footage, which was posted in a Twitter thread by Media Matters senior fellow Matthew Gertz, was obtained by the group from someone at Fox News. It shows Carlson making jokes in the studio off the air, including describing a woman as “yummy” and joking that he doesn’t worry about his appearance but waits to let his “postmenopausal fans” weigh in on how he looks.

In one prescient clip, Tucker even tells Media Matters to “go f*ck yourself.”

But rather than make Carlson look bad, the footage revealed a lighthearted, completely relatable everyday kind of guy with a sense of humor.

Education advocate Christopher Rufo replied to Gertz’s post thanking him for “confirming that Tucker is a normal, down-to-earth, very funny person.”

Ian Miles Cheong tweeted that Media Matters believed they “really, really, really” had something with the leaked footage of Carlson. But instead, they showed what “anyone with a sense of humor” would see as “jokes.”

And while conservatives and normal people weren’t scandalized by the footage, the left-wing media was happy to pretend to be scandalized.

In its headline, the far-Left Salon described the Media Matters leak with the headline “Leaked video: Tucker Carlson caught talking about his ‘postmenopausal fans’ and ‘yummy’ woman.”

Several other sites used words like “Bashes” and “Trashes.”

Ultimately, however, writer Mike Cernovich summed it up perfectly. In a tweet responding to one of the clips from the Media Matters footage, Cernovich thanked Media Matters for “humanizing Tucker Carlson in ways no conservative ever could.”