Tucker Carlson Goes After Joe Biden’s Latest Talking Point

(PresidentialHill.com)- On his broadcast on Wednesday night, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson ripped the Biden administration’s assertions that Russian President Vladimir Putin is to blame for the high cost of gasoline.

In response to Biden’s assertions that Putin was responsible for the rise in gas prices, Carlson said that since he is a news network anchor, he has a moral obligation to prove Biden is incorrect.

“How did Vladimir Putin surreptitiously take control of gas prices in the US months before the start of the conflict in Ukraine?” he asked.

According to Carlson, sober employees at a petroleum analysis company called GasBuddy decided to conduct a simple calculation. They sought to contextualize the increase in petrol costs. Math was calculated.

Three months before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Carlson highlighted that GasBuddy recorded a 66 percent spike in gas prices from November 2020 to November 2021. According to AAA, the average cost of a gallon of gasoline has decreased from a high of $5.016 to $4.759.

Carlson stated that this occurred before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Why did that happen? Super easy, according to Carlson.

Joe Biden told everyone on the campaign trail that he was a Superman. Then he wasn’t much of a superhero. He actually said that he would end the use of fossil fuels.

That kind of talk coming from the free world leader would heavily influence oil exploration investment.

High inflation rates have been referred to as the “Putin price rise” by Biden on several occasions. Inflation would be high in December 2021, according to remarks made by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to the Senate Banking Committee last month.

According to experts, the Biden administration’s hatred against the fossil fuel sector was a factor in the high price of gasoline. The Biden administration canceled the Keystone XL pipeline’s permit in January 2021. It also postponed an offshore lease auction in May and urged a judge to uphold a moratorium on oil and gas lease sales in June.

Putin has little to do with Biden’s failures.