Tucker Carlson Changes Official Narrative On January 6th 

(PresidentialHill.com)- Monday night, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host Tucker Carlson unveiled the first round of video clips from surveillance footage from the Capitol on January 6 which blew a hole into much of the accepted narrative about the 3-hour riot. 

During Monday’s broadcast, Carlson featured surveillance footage that showed Capitol Hill police officers escorting Jacob Chansley, the so-called “Q-Anon Shaman,” through the building without incident. In one clip, the officers with Chansley even tried to open unlocked doors to let him inside. Another clip shows Chansley near at least nine officers, none of whom ever attempted to stop him. 


Chansley was charged with entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, violent entry, and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. He was later sentenced to 41 months in prison on a plea deal. 

Carlson asked if Chansley was committing a crime while in the Capitol, why didn’t the Capitol Police officers escorting him place him under arrest? 

Carlson also featured surveillance footage that debunks the lie told by Democrat politicians, including President Biden, that Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick lost his life on January 6, 2021. 

In the footage, Sicknick, wearing a riot helmet, is seen directing Trump supporters out of the Capitol building. Tucker noted that the footage included an electronic bookmark in the Capitol archives, which means it was reviewed by the Jan 6 select committee staff. But the footage was never shown at the hearings. 


Another clip proved that one of the select committee’s star witnesses, Ray Epps, lied in his testimony about the time he left the Capitol. The time stamp on the clip shows Epps was still on the Capitol grounds long after he claimed he left. 


Tucker also featured unedited footage showing a group of lawmakers, including Josh Hawley being evacuated out of the Capitol. 

However, during one of the Jan 6 committee hearings, a selectively edited version of the same clip was shown to make it appear that Josh Hawley was the only lawmaker fleeing the Capitol.