Tucker Carlson Calls Mass Shooter A “Crazy” Man

(PresidentialHill.com)- After the mass shooting in Buffalo on Saturday, both the corporate media and Democrat lawmakers accused Fox News host Tucker Carlson of being the killer’s “inspiration.”

In the killer’s so-called “manifesto,” which was uploaded to the internet shortly before his deadly attack, he described himself as a “populist” and a “left-wing authoritarian” who hated the media, including Fox News, and celebrated the death of conservatism.

But the central theme of the killer’s rambling writings is his belief in what is known as the “Great Replacement” theory, that powerful Jews are trying to eradicate those of European descent through mass immigration and declining birth rates.

Despite Tucker Carlson’s name appearing nowhere in this killer’s 180-page “manifesto,” the Fox News host is being blamed because he frequently addresses the issue of illegal immigration on his show and has repeatedly pointed out how Democrats and the media celebrate the possibility of whites becoming the minority in America.

On his show Monday night, Tucker Carlson hit back.

Carlson blasted those who claim that the killer’s 180-page screed is a “manifesto,” saying anyone who says that is either lying or hasn’t read it. The killer’s diatribe isn’t “a blueprint for a new extremist political movement,” Tucker explained.

He described the document as “crazy” – a “rambling” screed full of “slogans and internet memes, some of which flatly contradict one another.”

Tucker said nothing in the shooter’s letter is “recognizably leftwing or rightwing,” adding that it isn’t “political at all.” Instead, Tucker said the killer writes “like the mental patient he is – disjointed, irrational, paranoid.”

Watch the segment HERE.

Tucker opened his Tuesday show by directly addressing the claims that he “promotes” the so-called “Great Replacement” theory, pointing out that it is the left and Democrat politicians who celebrate the prospect of whites becoming a minority in the United States.

During the segment, Tucker played a series of clips showing different Democrat politicians, including then-Vice President Joe Biden, boasting about what a great thing it is for Democrats that non-white immigrants will one day outnumber whites in the country.

Watch that segment HERE.