TSA Accidentally X-Rayed A Dog At Airport

(PresidentialHill.com)- While scanning carry-on luggage at Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin last weekend, a TSA screener discovered a dog packed inside a backpack that was “accidentally” sent through the X-ray machine.

In a tweet last Tuesday, TSA Great Lakes shared the image of the backpack in an airport security bin and the x-ray image showing the outline of the dog inside a traveler’s carry-on backpack.

TSA spokeswoman Jessica Mayle confirmed that the dog, a Dachshund/Chihuahua mix, was fine but “just a little skittish” after it went through the x-ray machine last Sunday.

Mayle told USA Today that the dog’s owner was unaware of the screening protocol regarding animals and had not informed TSA officers that the dog was in the bag before placing the bag in a bin.

According to Mayle, once the dog was discovered by the TSA officer operating the x-ray, the officer informed the passenger of the proper process and confirmed that the passenger had disclosed to the airline that she was traveling with her dog. Once the passenger’s bags were cleared, she was permitted to proceed to her gate.

Mayle said the TSA decided to share the pictures in hopes of reminding travelers about the rules and guidelines when flying with animals.

According to the TSA website, animals should never be placed in the x-ray tunnel.

Last Sunday’s incident wasn’t the first time the TSA discovered a pet in a traveler’s luggage.

Last month a cat was found in a traveler’s checked luggage at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport.

Passengers traveling with pets can either have the pets screened privately in a separate room or, if possible, the pets can walk through the metal detector with their owner while on a leash. Empty pet carriers will still be sent through x-ray machines at security.