TRUTH Social Slaps ‘Sensitive Material’ Label on Post from Stew Peters

( Truth Social, the new social media platform from former President Donald Trump is facing criticism from some on the Right over what they say is censorship.

Billed as a free-speech alternative to Twitter, Truth Social has been facing the same criticisms regarding content moderation and data privacy that led many on the Right to seek an alternative platform from Facebook or Twitter.

Stew Peters, a right-wing personality and radio host has accused Truth Social of suppressing his speech when the platform placed a “Show Content” label on one of his posts, requiring users to click the label to see the content.

In the offending post, Peters had said the people who let children get killed from COVID vaccines should be “put on trial and executed.”

In a post at Telegram, Peters accused Truth Social of censoring him. He added a screenshot of the Truth Social post that contained the “Show Content” label, adding “Free speech isn’t free.”

Another potential Truth Social user was barred from creating an account on the platform entirely. The man behind the infamous @DevinNunesCow account on Twitter attempted to create an identical account at Truth Social but was banned from the platform.

The Twitter account @DevinNunesCow was created by web developer Matt Ortega to mock former Congressman Devin Nunes. In 2019, Nunes, who now is CEO of Truth Social, sued Ortega for defamation.

Ortega quickly made hay over @DevinNunesCow being banned. He posted the news on Twitter, boasting that he might be the first “canceled” Truth Social user.

According to Truth Social, Ortega’s account was permanently deleted because the account name violated its social community guidelines.

Some on the Right have noted that the content moderation policies at Truth Social are stricter than those at Twitter. Unlike Twitter, users on Truth Social can be suspended or banned for posting content moderators consider false, defamatory, or misleading.

Critics argue that if Truth Social is going to maintain such stringent content moderation then it shouldn’t be marketing itself as a censorship-free platform.