Trump’s Secret Service Costs Skyrocketed Last Year As Security Concerns Intensified

( Far-left “news” website The Daily Beast dropped a new story a few days ago that they think hurts former President Donald Trump…but accidentally revealed just how dangerous far-left extremists are instead.

Their report said that the Secret Service “spent big” on traveling with former President Donald Trump last year, complaining that taxpayers have spent more than $1 million on Secret Service agents traveling with the former president across the country.

“In the year since former Donald Trump has been out of office, the former president has cost the U.S. Secret Service more than $1.3 million on hotel and transportation bills, according to documents obtained by The Daily Beast,” the outlet reports.

They add that Trump has traveled between South Florida and New Jersey, with costs exceeding $788,000 on hotel rooms alone, and $286,000 on rental cars. A further $262,000 was spent on rail and air travel.

The Daily Beast insisted that they have all the documents and receipts to prove it, and used it as an opportunity to bash former President Donald Trump…but all we need to do is follow through on their argument to see why it doesn’t make much sense to blame the former president for the costs.

First of all, Trump is allowed to travel where he wants. That’s a given. Is The Daily Beast arguing that Trump shouldn’t be allowed to travel?

Secondly, Trump may not need Secret Service agents if far-left extremists weren’t following his every move, wishing him dead, and disrupting virtually everything he tries to do.

If the Left is so concerned about the cost of protecting Trump, perhaps they should tone down their rhetoric and stop putting his life at risk, instead.

Just a thought.