Trump Unveils New Plan For Schools

According to a report, the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has made public his plans to enhance the country’s educational system.

Trump’s statement said that college fees have been rising steadily over the last several decades as educators have become more preoccupied with indoctrinating the minds of young Americans.   The far left has taken over our once-great universities, and the moment has come to take them back.

College accreditation will be the secret weapon. The accrediting agencies’ primary duty is to prevent schools from cheating students and taxpayers, yet they’ve failed. 

Trump’s team will welcome applications for fresh creditors who will again put genuine standards on universities after he returns to the White House.

Among the requirements will be a crackdown on Marxist Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) bureaucrats while safeguarding the American heritage of protecting Free Speech in Western culture.

According to a report, many schools provide diversity statement guidelines that make it apparent that applicants should always act from a “race-conscious” perspective. 

Candidates can kiss their job prospects goodbye if they express commonly held beliefs now forbidden, such as opposition to affirmative action, or, more poignantly, if they quote Martin Luther King’s counsel that individuals not be judged by their color but by character content.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion have taken on a hidden political meaning in modern use. Of course, when taken out of their original context, these terms all look harmless and even excellent. However, in the academic world, they signify a commitment to a specific worldview.

Trump’s statement revealed under his plans, college entrance, and exit tests would be implemented to ensure that students receive their money’s worth and that those pursuing expedited and low-cost degree alternatives learn what they’re supposed to be. 

If schools continue to discriminate based on race, Trump said he would order the Department of Justice to file federal civil rights lawsuits against them. 

Schools that engage in overt, illegal discrimination in the name of “equity” would have their endowments taken away and be penalized up to the whole sum of their endowments via budget reconciliation. 

True education will come to the United States.