Trump Thinks Piers Morgan Is Done

( Piers Morgan’s new show on the UK’s TalkTV isn’t exactly the ratings bonanza he was hoping for, and former President Trump couldn’t resist mocking him over it.

Morgan’s new show “Piers Morgan Uncensored” premiered with a 2-part interview with the former president.

To promote the broadcast, Morgan released a carefully-edited clip purportedly showing Donald Trump storming off the set in a rage. The clip was a lie, and the Trump team, who recorded audio of the interview, blasted Morgan for the dishonest clip and released the audio to prove it was edited.

The promo clip posted by Morgan had shown Trump saying, “Turn the camera off. Very dishonest.” But in the audio, Trump’s “turn the camera off” remark was made after the interview was over and while the two men were exchanging pleasantries. The “very dishonest” remark came during a separate part of the interview when Morgan kept telling Trump that he was asking a final question, only to ask several more questions.

Breitbart posted the relevant audio recorded by the Trump team that confirms that the clip was edited for effect.

Despite attacking Morgan for the edited clip, the former President did urge people to tune in to watch the interview. And apparently, they did.

The Trump interview, which aired on April 25, did surprisingly well with nearly 400,000 viewers tuning in. On the second day, however, viewership for part two of the interview dropped to just 215,900.

From there, things got worse. On the third day of “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” only 123,000 people tuned in.

In a statement last week, Trump boasted that Morgan’s first two broadcasts were only a success because of him. After that, Trump gleefully added, Morgan’s show “bombed completely.”

Trump said that having seen Piers Morgan close up, he concluded that Morgan “no longer has what it takes,” adding “it’s over for him.”