Trump Tells John Daly He Threatened To Bomb Moscow To Putin

( Last Friday, a recording was released on Instagram of former President Donald Trump talking on speakerphone to golfer John Daly in which Trump said he “got along great” with Russian President Vladimir Putin and claimed he once told Putin that the US would “hit Moscow” if Putin ever caused trouble.

Video of the recorded phone conversation between Trump and Daly was posted on the @nopopsgolf Instagram account. In it, Trump is heard on speakerphone opining on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In the recording, Trump said he and Putin were friends and he “got along great with him.” He recounted telling Putin “if you do it, we’re hitting Moscow,” adding Putin “sort of believed me.”

Trump explained that this is why Putin “never did it during my time.”

Daly interjected that China’s President Xi didn’t “bother” Trump either, and Trump agreed. He told Daly that “Taiwan will be next” and China will “blow them off the face of the Earth.”

Trump didn’t say anything he hadn’t said publicly when he wasn’t being secretly recorded.

During his CPAC speech in Florida the week before, the former president boasted that his presidency was the only time in the 21st Century Russia didn’t invade another country. He pointed out that under Bush, Russia invaded Georgia. During Obama’s presidency, Russia invaded Crimea. And under Biden, Russia invaded Ukraine.

Trump said in his CPAC speech that Putin no doubt decided he could invade Ukraine after watching Biden’s “pathetic withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

As in his phone call, Trump told the CPAC crowd that he got along with Putin and Putin knew that “I didn’t play games,” adding that he could have easily stopped “this travesty from happening.”