Trump Still Hesitant to Join First Primary Debate

Republican presidential hopefuls have been working hard to prepare for the first primary debate in August, as mandated by the Republican National Committee. However, former President Donald Trump has remained unconvinced that he will attend on Sunday, despite his overwhelming popularity.

Trump remarked that Ronald Reagan or many other presidential candidates did not do it. During a Fox News Sunday Morning Futures appearance, he said when you have a big lead, you don’t debate.

The former president says his advantage is as high as 60 points, so why would he be debating if there is a 50–60 point lead over his opponents?

Trump blew off the idea that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has routinely polled second behind Trump, would gain a benefit by not participating in the discussion.

Maria Bartiromo asked Trump if it would worry him that his lead might be eroded if he didn’t show up and Ron DeSantis had a successful night.

He said someone else could have a great night and eat into his percentage. 

But he claimed that he hadn’t decided yet.

DeSantis has said he would attend the subsequent debate in Milwaukee. He hailed the event as a golden chance to meet with voters on Sunday.

He said there are plenty of Republican voters who are grateful for his work in Florida. During an interview with Fox News MediaBuzz, he said, “They know I’m a good governor… but they haven’t seen much about me up close and personal, so that gives us a great opportunity to be able to share our vision.” 

DeSantis said during his early campaign, he found that an extraordinarily favorable reaction was received when he communicated his message directly to voters.

During the 1980 presidential race, Reagan took part in Republican debates and used campaign funds to host one in New Hampshire. The first debate was held in Iowa, but he skipped it. Since Reagan’s reelection bid in the 1984 Republican primaries was unopposed, the party decided against having any debates.