Trump Shocked After New FBI Evidence Shows He Was Right

( Even after the Mar-a-Lago raid and Russia collusion scandal, former president Donald Trump still highly regards the FBI. But he is clear that the bureau should not be allowed to influence elections by exerting pressure on social media companies to restrict Americans’ views.

The 45th president of the United States said in an extensive interview with Just the News on Tuesday that the disclosure by Twitter of internal documents revealing the scope of FBI efforts to censor content during the 2020 election, including the establishment of a command center in San Francisco specifically for that mission, was “shocking to me.”

Trump told John Solomon on his podcast that one always wants to love the FBI and all it stands for and the image of what it stands for. But then you see where the FBI was essentially rigging the election. He said they pushed positive news about Biden while concealing negative news about him.

According to a survey conducted last month, 75% of American voters felt they lacked “essential” knowledge about Hunter Biden’s laptop during the 2020 elections, and 50% said their votes would have been changed if they had known the Biden scandal claims were valid.

More than two-thirds of respondents in the poll said they thought the FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies intentionally misled the public by pleading with Facebook and Twitter to stop spreading the laptop rumors by characterizing them as foreign “disinformation.”

Trump stated that a more thorough investigation is still required into the FBI’s part in burying the Hunter Biden laptop story. But he claimed that the mainstream media’s left-leaning bias and refusal to question established narratives even in the face of contradictory data increased the bureau’s influence on the election through censorship.

Trump asserted that media coverage of the discovery of classified documents in Joe Biden’s private office this week was underplayed compared to the raid last August on his Mar-a-Lago compound or the initial Russia collusion allegations from 2016. “If you have a story that’s positive about Trump, they just won’t write it, and if you have a story that’s positive about Biden, or some Democrat, or whatever, that side of the equation, they make it, you know, front page.”

Trump noted that a recently released report revealed Russia’s influence over the election was tiny.

“Everything was a massive deception and a fraud. This is a witch hunt. And it still goes on today,” Trump said.