Trump Sent A Warning From The “Merchant Of Death”

The “Merchant of Death” Viktor Bout, a notorious arms dealer that was released from prison by President Joe Biden last year in exchange for the basketball player Brittany Griner, sent an ominous warning to Donald Trump, according to The Western Journal. Bout reportedly sent a telegram to Trump on Russian television where he offered the former president asylum in Russia, alleging that Trump’s life was in danger. 

He said that the asylum would not mean Trump would be a Russian citizen but from there he could “lead the fight for the American people, the rebellion against globalists, and for the bright future of the planet.”

Bout claimed that the threat did not come from foreign adversaries, but from the United States government as they level baseless charges of fraud against him. Trump was recently indicted and arraigned on 34 counts of fraud related to alleged hush money payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels to cover up an affair. Trump vehemently denies the charges and pleaded not guilty, but if found guilty on all counts, he could face over 00 years in prison. 

Bout said that the prosecution is not going to stop when he is convicted but will continue until he is prohibited from running for president in 2024 and eventually “eliminated.” The video of the arms dealer comes as strange to many who point out that Bout is responsible for the deaths of many, including American citizens. 

“Lord of War,” the 2005 film starring Nicholas Cage, reportedly documents Bout’s career. Any alliance between Bout and Trump appears unlikely given Trump’s characterization of the prisoner exchange as “stupid.” The telegram also states that there is a “genocidal globalist cabal” destabilizing the world and claims that the Biden administration will likely kill the former president than let him live while he remains in their way.