Trump Raised Questions About His Relationship With Ghislaine Maxwell With Aides

( Former President Donald Trump reportedly asked if Ghislaine Maxwell, the former girlfriend and accomplice of sex trafficker and offender Jeffrey Epstein, had mentioned anything about him in July 2020 during an Oval Office meeting, according to The Guardian.

The information is from a new book Maggie Haberman of the New York Times, Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America, in which Trump allegedly asked “campaign advisers … ‘You see that article in the [New York] Post today that mentioned me?’

“He kept going, to silence. ‘She say anything about me?’”

Jeffrey Epstein was convicted on state prostitution charges in Florida in 2008 and again in 2019 for sex trafficking before he allegedly killed himself in a New York prison. Maxwell was arrested in July 2020 and charged for aiding Epstein. She was convicted in New York in December 2021 for sex trafficking minors and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

According to the book, “Ghislaine thought she was untouchable—that she’d be protected by the intelligence communities she and Jeffrey helped with information: the Israeli intelligence services, and Les Wexner, who has given millions to Israel; by Prince Andrew, President Clinton and even by President Trump, who was well-known to be an acquaintance of her and Epstein’s.”

Haberman wrote that Donald Trump and David Pecker, the owner of The National Enquirer, met at Trump tower discussing the “tabloid featuring Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, and Jeffrey Epstein, the investor and convicted sex offender and onetime friend of Trump, with whom Trump had fallen out years earlier.”

The two reportedly “talked about Epstein’s private island, where he was rumoured to bring powerful men to have sexual encounters with young women. Trump called it ‘whore island’ and told aides he had never been there.”

Haberman also quoted Sam Nunberg, a former adviser, about what Trump had said when asked what his biggest worry was while running for president. “Trump had a simple reply,” Haberman writes. “‘The women.’ Not business, not being violent with anyone, Nunberg recalled, but women.”