Trump Makes Disturbing Comment About His Health

( There has been a lot of talk about whether former President Donald Trump will run for the White House again in 2024.

Pundits have thrown around a number of different reasons why Trump may decide to run and why he may decide not to run. But, one reason that has been hardly talked about is Trump’s health — something the former president rarely, if ever, has given the public even a glimpse of insight into.

Recently, though, the former president slipped an offhand comment into an interview that has a lot of people worried about his health — and whether it will convince him that he should remain on the political sidelines.

The interview in question happened with The Washington Post. Near the end of the interview, Trump seemed to throw in an offhand comment — which he does relatively often. This time, though, the comment dealt with his own health.

He seemed to float the idea that health might become a crucial factor for him as he weighs whether he’d like to run for president again in 2024.

Trump said:

“You always have to talk about health. You look like you’re in good health, but tomorrow, you get a letter from a doctor saying come see me again. That’s not good when they use the word again.”

Trump didn’t expand on that comment at all. He didn’t even say whether he was referring to a situation that happened to him when he was talking about the doctor sending a letter.

For some people, such a comment may not seem like a big deal. After all, it could be considered a hypothetical situation that he’s talking about.

However, since Trump is notoriously tight to the vest with his own health, it seems a little out of place that he would bring this up out of nowhere. Is he in bad health? Thus far, there’s been no word about Trump being anything other than completely healthy.

He is getting up there in age, of course, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s in bad health. It could just mean that he’s a little concerned about what his health could be two to six years from now — which is when he’d need to run for president again and when the last year of his next presidency would hypothetically be.

It’s certainly possible that Trump decides that running for president again is just not worth all the potential stressors that could, in theory, lead to a decline in his own health. It’s also possible that Trump was just waxing poetic, as he often does, and that there is nothing to be concerned about at all.

Many political pundits have been wondering whether Trump is privately loving his current role as sort of a “kingmaker and queenmaker” in the GOP. He’s using his massive influence and large treasure trove of money to support GOP candidates he feels will support his policies and agendas.

And if his candidates are overwhelmingly successful in the upcoming midterm elections, Trump could just decide to continue this role from the outside rather than try to get involved in the weeds again.