Trump Maintains Strong Lead Over Rivals

According to a recent CBS News poll, former President Donald Trump has a commanding lead over his Republican challengers around two months ahead of the Iowa caucus next year.

According to CBS, more than half of prospective GOP primary voters would cast their votes for Donald Trump if a presidential election took place today. Only approximately one in ten people would choose Nikki Haley, the former U.S. ambassador to the UN, over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Trump polled 61%, 18% for DeSantis, and Haley garnered 9%.

According to the same sample of people, Trump has the best chance of defeating incumbent President Joe Biden in 2024.

69% for Trump, 43% for DeSantis, and Haley at 23%.

Most Trump supporters (81%), but just 21% of prospective GOP primary voters who intend to vote for another contender, say they will enthusiastically support Donald Trump if he becomes the Republican nominee.

The percentage of potential Republican voters who now favor a different candidate but wouldn’t cast a vote for Trump if he were the nominee in 2024 is 18 percent, whereas the percentage of Trump supporters who wouldn’t back him if he were the nominee is 0%.

The Bloomberg News/Morning Consult survey shows that former President Donald Trump is ahead of President Joe Biden in 6 of 7 key swing states.

In states where a hypothetical contest between Trump and Biden has been polled, Trump leads by a small margin or is even with Biden in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. They tie in Michigan.

A recent CNN survey indicated that 51% of the people stated they had absolutely no intention of voting for Joe Biden for president in 2024, causing Democrats to worry that swing voters aren’t paying attention to the President’s messages.

51% of respondents believed Biden had “zero chance” of getting their vote. Forty-five percent identified as Biden supporters. Potential Biden voters only made about 4% of the total.