Trump Made A Secret Phone Call To Vladimir Putin, Investigators Find

( A hard-left media report claims that just before the 2020 presidential election, former President Donald Trump had a secretive call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a British filmmaker.

In the months before the Capitol riot, Alex Holder, who was shooting Trump and his family for a documentary, revealed that he had been set to tape an interview with Trump on October 25, 2020.

According to Holder, that interview was abruptly canceled that day.
He told a publication that from what he remembered, the Chief of Staff came to him and indicated that the interview couldn’t happen because the president was on a call. Holder claimed the interview had to be postponed because then-President Trump was on the phone with Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia.

Why would the Chief of Staff bother to tell Holder who the President was speaking to?

Trump’s spokesman, Liz Harrington, refuted the assertion in response to the publication. She stated it was a totally made-up story. But it didn’t stop the Fake News from running with another Russia, Russia, Russia hoax, she explained.
She claimed President Joe Biden had given everything to Putin and made Moscow richer because of the Biden government’s anti-American energy policies. She then made a connection between the anti-American energy policies of the Biden administration and the high fossil fuel prices that Russia is making money from.

Thanks to conspiracy theorists like the left-leaning media and Representative Democrat Adam Schiff of California, Trump’s political relationship with Putin has long been a source of rumor and controversy.

Reports show filmmaker Alex Holder was asked to provide the House January 6th committee looking into Trump’s alleged attempt to reverse the 2020 election with months’ worth of interviews he taped with Trump and his family. The tapes’ existence was unknown until the House committee subpoenaed them.
How much is this January 6 committee scam costing the American taxpayer?