Trump Electors Face Millions Of Dollars In Lawsuits

( One of the big stories that came out of the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election was that fake electors were established in some key states around the country.

These fake electors were supposedly ready to step in and overturn election results in states that President Joe Biden won. The idea was this could be a strategy to illegitimately give former President Donald Trump the win at the polls that he didn’t get.

Now, one of the states where these fake Trump electors were established are facing a huge lawsuit.

The sweeping lawsuit was filed by two electors in Wisconsin recently. It names 10 total fake electors that were being set up for Trump. In total, these defendants could be forced to pay fines in the millions of dollars.

Those who were named in the suit include Republican officials in Wisconsin who signed on to be fake electors for the 2020 presidential election. They include Mary Buestrin, Pam Travis, Darryl Carlson, Kathy Kiernan, Bill Feehan, Scott Grabins, Carol Brunner, Kelly Ruh, Andrew Hitt and Bob Spindell.

The lawsuit seeks to prevent them from serving as electors any time in the future, while also blocking them from submitting any paperwork for fake electors. It also is seeking a fine of $200,000 to be imposed on each person.

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported recently:

“The Democrats who brought the lawsuit in Dane County Circuit Court are also seeking to punish two attorneys who worked on the [fake elector] effort. They want a judge to award all involved up to $200,000 apiece in damages to ensure the losing side in future elections doesn’t file official-looking paperwork with Congress claiming to be the winner.”

This lawsuit is believed to be the first of its kind in America. That’s probably not surprising, though, as the entire situation seems to be a very unique situation.

There will be many people, states and organizations across the U.S. that will be watching how this case progresses. That’s because there were fake electors set up in many other states as well, and people could decide to file their own lawsuits if this one in Wisconsin proves fruitful for the plaintiffs.

The other states where fake electors for Trump were set up include Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia and Arizona. All six of those states, plus Wisconsin, were tightly-contested swing states that ultimately ended up going for Biden, giving him the victory in the end.

Despite Trump continuing to press forward with what is being dubbed the “Big Lie,” many courts and local election boards have shown that the presidential election in 2020 wasn’t stolen.

That isn’t stopping Trump, many of his supporters and many politicians who still abide by his policies from stating it going forward. In fact, there are some candidates who are preaching this as they run for Congress in the midterm elections later this year.

But, giving their opinion on the matter is one thing. Actually setting up fake electors to try to change the outcome of an election is an entirely different story.