Trump Drops Big Hint About 2024 Plans

( Former President Trump held a rally in Robstown, Texas last week where he complained about the 2020 presidential election and once again dropped an anvil-sized hint about running for president again in 2024.

The former president, who was in Texas ostensibly to campaign for Republican midterm candidates in the safe red state, spent a great deal of time talking about himself. He told the crowd that he ran for president twice and “won twice,” adding that he did “much better” in the second race than the first.

Trump boasted that he received “millions more votes” during the 2020 election than he did in 2016, adding that he received more votes than any other “sitting president in the history of our country so far.”

With the wind-up complete, Trump added his trademark tease, “now in order to make our country successful, safe, and glorious again, I will probably have to do it again.”

The former president invoked the term “silent majority,” telling the crowd that those voters who elected him to the White House in 2016 are “back stronger than ever before.” He said that the “incredible journey” he and his voters are on “has only just begun.”

Then Trump used the rally that was ostensibly designed to campaign for 2022 midterm candidates to complain about the January 6 select committee, which just days earlier had issued a subpoena for Trump to testify and turn over documents.

He attacked “these crooked people” on the select committee and said they are focusing on him instead of what he believes should be the real focus of the investigation, namely the rampant voter fraud during the 2020 election.

Trump complained that he gets a grand jury subpoena every time he flies over a Democrat state. He reminded the crowd that none of the investigations into him have found anything.