Trump Demands Protestors To Step Forward

( In Arizona, where Democrat Katie Hobbs, a contender for governor, was Secretary of State, voting on election day was a complete disaster.

Similar issues are affecting Republican voters in Republican-leaning areas: long, long queues, broken tabulators, out-of-ink printers, and broken voting machines.

In many Republican districts, voters must wait hours to cast their ballots.

This is wrong!

Democrats need to be held responsible. We need a justice system that is impartial and fair! Kari Lake reported that she visited a Democratic neighborhood in Phoenix and saw no delays whatsoever.

This afternoon, President Trump commented on the rigging of the election.

President Trump said on Truth Social that the absentee ballot situation in Detroit is really bad. People are going to the polls to vote only to be told, “Sorry, you have already voted.”

“This is occurring widely throughout other places as well.”

“Protest, protest, protest!” he urged.

The former president has railed against alleged vote anomalies in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan in a number of posts since early voting began on Tuesday. He and his allies are convinced fraud happened in the 2020 election in Arizona’s Maricopa County.

Voting machines “are not properly working in largely Republican/Conservative areas,” according to Trump. He continued, “Here we go again,” about his allegations regarding the 2020 election process in Arizona. He kept mentioning the Maricopa scenario, referring to it as a “Voter Integrity DISASTER” and a “Cancer from within,” and hinting that Republican ballots had been disregarded.

Trump noted that Pennsylvania could take “days” to sift out election results while being less specific about alleged risks to democracy elsewhere in the United States.

A Republican running for secretary of state in Michigan named Kristina Karamo unsuccessfully attempted to have Detroit’s absentee ballots thrown out. Trump’s appeal to “Protest, Protest, Protest” indicated that those ballots were cast fraudulently on behalf of unwary voters who were subsequently unable to vote in person.

Trump has established enough groundwork to put everyone on alert. If you see something, say something.