Trump Confirms He Got a Hole-In-One During Golf Game

( On Monday, South Carolina Senate candidate Tim Swain tweeted that former President Donald Trump got a hole-in-one during a round of golf. Naturally, many people, aware of Trump’s alleged history of cheating at golf, had doubts the hole-in-one happened.

So to put his doubters in their place, the former president released a rather comical statement Monday confirming that he scored a hole-in-one during a game with several pro golfers at his Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Saying the claim was “100% true,” Trump said he got the hole-in-one on the 181-yard 7th hole while playing with pro golfers Ernie Els, Gene Sauers, Ken Duke, and Mike Goodes.

The former president said he hit the ball with a 5-iron and it “sailed magnificently into a rather strong wind.” It then bounced twice and “went clank, into the hole,” Trump said.

He said that his fellow players noticed it before he did “because their eyes are slightly better” than his, adding “but on that one hole only, their swings weren’t.”

The former president closed his statement by saying he wouldn’t say who won the round because “I am a very modest individual” and he didn’t want people to say he was bragging, adding “I don’t like people who brag!”

Trump’s spokesman Taylor Budowich posted a photo on Twitter showing the aftermath of the hole-in-one with Trump retrieving the ball from the cup.

On his Fox News late-night show, Greg Gutfeld and his guests discussed Trump’s Hole-in-One Statement. The Gutfeld! segment is pretty funny.

Watch it HERE.