Trump Calls Himself A DJ of Mar-A-Lago, Plays Music For Guests

( Former President Donald Trump recently gave an interview to popular YouTubers the “NELK Boys” for their “Full Send Podcast,” talking to the young men for an hour about his thoughts on the Biden administration’s consecutive failures over the last year…and he also revealed what life is like living at his luxury Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

The former president revealed some of his favorite choices of songs at the club, and that he has even been known to DJ and pick the tunes that the club plays for guests.

“I’ve always had a high aptitude for music, but I love great music,” he told the podcast.

When they asked him what kind of music he likes to pick for his guests, he said that he picks songs he loves – whether they’re Broadway songs from the likes of Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera or the classic 1978 hit “YMCA” by The Village People.

The latter of the songs has been played at many Trump rallies throughout 2020. Trump would famously dance to the song on stage in front of the camera as the crowd cheered.


“You got what gets them rocking? YMCA. YMCA, the gay national anthem,” Trump told the podcast. “Did you ever hear that? They call it the gay national anthem, but YMCA gets people up and it gets them moving.”

That’s some song choice for a man who has regularly been slammed by Democrats and the left-wing press as a homophobe…

By the way, we’d link you to the podcast, but YouTube removed it after it generated tens of millions of views. Go figure.