Trump Accuses Biden of Authorizing Lethal Force at Mar-a-Lago Raid

It has been revealed to the public in recent court documents that the FBI authorized “deadly force” while raiding former President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home in Florida in August of 2022. What is the question now is if President Joe Biden authorized the use of deadly force during the Mar-A-Lago raid. The revealing documents were presented this past Tuesday during Donald Trump’s ongoing business fraud case in New York City.

On Tuesday afternoon, Trump revealed in a post on his social media platform Truth Social, that he had seen the documents surrounding the raid of his Florida estate, with Trump claiming in his post that Joe Biden’s Department of Justice authorized the use of deadly force. Trump further stated in his post that Americans now know that President Joe Biden is unfit for the presidency and a threat to democracy.

After the word had gotten out about the revealing documents, Fox News asked the FBI this Tuesday if the rumors surrounding the authorization of deadly force were true or not. When asked, the FBI told Fox News that the agency followed a routine protocol when raiding Mar-A-Lago, which they claimed was the same protocol for all search warrants. The FBI further claimed that a standard policy incorporated limits the use of deadly force. The FBI stated that nobody ordered additional steps during the warrant.

The documents further revealed that an “Operations Order” was in place as a part of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into the classified documents case of Donald Trump. According to a court filing, the Operations Order contained a statement that officers involved in the warrant may use deadly force when “necessary”.

According to the court filing, DOJ and FBI agents planned to bring issued weapons, ammunition, handcuffs, as well as large bolt cutters to raid Trump’s Florida home. However, the filing stated that officers were instructed to wear polo or collared shirts to conceal those said items.