Trevor Noah Reveals Why He Really Left His Show

( Trevor Noah abruptly announced his departure from “The Daily Show” shocking viewers and show producers. He recently opened up about his decision to leave the show, which reportedly paid him eight figures a year.

Having kept his upcoming departure a secret, Noah shocked everyone in September when he finally broke the news. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Noah stated, “I’d prefer people be unhappy than people be happy, like, ‘Good riddance, that d*ck is out of the building.'”

According to THR, he said he wanted to leave the program on his own terms before he thought his time had come to an end.

According to Noah, one of the reasons he did it that way was because he didn’t want someone to be the one to tell someone else, who then told someone else, who then told someone else, etc. He said, “And this is where we make the thing,” making a reference to the offices of The Daily Show. We spend a lot of time together on the program, so for me, telling everyone at once felt like the most logical course of action.

According to the source, Noah was at ease with his choice and claimed that departing on time was a natural adjustment for him.

Noah told the magazine that maybe his decision comes from not being raised in America, but he believes that “everything should end.”

According to Noah, “a lot of American business and media just want to keep it running as long as possible, but I think it’s beneficial for things to stop while they’re still in a good place.”


Then, he made a suggestion that he may have a greater plan in mind, one that doesn’t appear to include being constrained by the tight schedule associated with anchoring a late-night talk show.

He told THR, “There are many other things I’d like to do, and I want to go before I’m worn out.”

In terms of the comedian’s future plans, THR reports that the 38-year-old has stated a wish to perform more and travel more.

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