Tourist Chased by Wild Bison After Ignoring Yellowstone Park Warning

Big old bison in nature.

A man was seen sitting in a field where a herd of bison and their calves were present despite many warnings from Park Rangers. Yellowstone National Park is home to these animals. It turned out to be a poor decision, and he had no choice but to run away when an adult objected to his intrusion and pursued him. He was fortunate to have escaped unharmed since bison, like other animals, are very protective of their young.

The Instagram account TouronsOfYellowstone routinely draws attention to the reckless actions of animals in US national parks, including elk, bison, bears, and wolves. Recently, they posted a snapshot from wildlife photographer Ben Bluhm, who saw the man and took photos.

Bulls, or adult male bison, may range in weight from 1,600 to 2,000 pounds. Weights of 800-1,200 lbs are standard for adult female bison (cows), with a median of around 1,000 lbs.  A bison can run at a steady 30-35 mph for many miles.

Injuries from unintentional or intentional proximity to bison occur annually, causing significant harm to humans. A woman (83) suffered life-threatening injuries not long ago when she was thrown by an animal.    

The year 2015 was a disaster for Yellowstone, with five separate assaults. A mother, aged 43, was attacked by a bison as she was taking a photo with her daughter.

The National Park Service (NPS) once again issued a warning a year later after a woman attempted to take a selfie with an elk. The elk became irritated and lunged at her.

According to park rangers, a trip to a national park is not the same as a trip to the zoo since you are entering the animals’ habitat, and there are few fences to keep people at a safe distance. Animals, despite their placid exteriors, are easily agitated and unpredictable.