Top Official Calls FOr More Oversight As AI Ramps Up

World leaders and tech companies are gathering for two days in Bletchley Park, England, the site of Britain’s code-breaking efforts during World War II.

Rishi Sunak, Britain’s Prime Minister, issued a stern warning to the tech industry tonight, saying that the big players can’t grace their work when it comes to AI research and development.
While attending a meeting on artificial intelligence safety in Britain this week, the PM stressed that it was “the role of governments” to evaluate the risks posed by emerging technologies.
Mr. Sunak is meeting with several people tomorrow night, including the controversial billionaire Elon Musk.

The PM lauded the tech investor for his persistent warnings about the “possible hazards” posed by AI technology.

Mr. Sunak denied he was planning to transition into a career in big tech after leaving Downing Street, despite his background as an investment banker.

It is believed that the Prime Minister will attend tomorrow’s conference, and he spoke to the BBC tonight, saying, “Countries must be the ones in the driver’s seat.”

The PM said that companies can’t be expected to grade their work- governments must handle that. That’s why he founded the AI Safety Institute in the United Kingdom, which he intends to make a world-class center for studying the security of AI models. However, he said, before these models are published to the public, the UK is given access to them so they can collaborate with the firms to improve them.

To conduct the necessary tests to ensure the safety of our residents and the general populace at home. Governments or independent actors must fulfill that duty.

Sunak is set to sit down with Musk, who just founded his AI business known as xAI, for an ‘in discussion’ livestream chat on X after the summit ends tomorrow.

Sunak was asked if he was planning to transition into the tech industry once he finished his term as prime minister, and he emphatically stated, “No.” He wants to do what’s best for the country in the long run. Just taking on the responsibility of organizing the conference indicates his desire to make the proper long-term decisions, which are not always straightforward.