Top Celeb Issues Grim Warning About Hollywood

Sharon Stone doesn’t have much to say about Hollywood when the going gets tough.

The Casino actress was diagnosed with a burst vertebral artery that bled into her brain in 2001 and given a 1 percent chance of survival. She was left with memory loss and a stutter.

Stone said her father was there for me, but she would say that was about it. She said you shouldn’t move to Hollywood if you want to hang out with respectable people.

The actress’s career was flourishing in Hollywood before her 2001 health scare. She was married to newspaper editor Phil Bronstein and had adopted a son after winning an Oscar for her role in 1995’s Casino. Stone and Bronstein split in 2004 after her health scare, and the actress claims that Hollywood stopped contacting her after that.

She said she “lost everything.” She was broke, and she was deprived of parental rights. Stone said her professional life ended, and she never really got much of it back, but now she’s at peace with it; she finally realizes that she is sufficient in and of herself.

Stone currently serves as a board member for the Barrow Neurological Foundation, which aids the research facility founded by her brain surgeon, Dr. Michael Lawton. The actress will also host the organization’s annual Neuro Night benefit at the month’s end.

The goal of the foundation is to help people by developing new methods of care, doing ground-breaking research that leads to cures, and training the next generation of top neurosurgeons.

Stone is passionate about pickleball and says the sport has helped her “discover my pure center.”

The actress also spoke about how being a mother changed her perspective 22 years later.

Stone says she came from a damaged family. As a child, she was taught that it was her duty to ensure the happiness of others. It took her a very long time to accept the fact that she was a disabled person and that she did not need to repair everything for everyone else. To have made it this far and to be able to aid others in their survival is something she takes great pride in.