Top Billionaire Slams Pro-Palestine Students, Pulls Funding

The world has been in chaos and turmoil since the early October attack by the Islamic terrorist group Hamas in Israel. The conflict reignited armed warfare in the historically volatile and violent region, and seemingly wiped away years of peace talks and negotiations between the Jewish state and several Muslim neighbor states. Towards the end of the 45th president of the United States Donald J Trump’s presidency, several high ranking leaders in the region sat down and supposedly achieved a diplomatic breakthrough in the Abraham Accords which had appeared to be a promising sign of future peace.

On September 15th, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain both recognized the sovereignty of Israel, which therefore opened up the reality of full diplomatic relations between the three nations. While neither Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates were directly involved in the attacks led by Hamas in which over 1,000 innocent citizens were murdered within their homes or in normally peaceful public settings, the attacks nonetheless show the fragility of diplomacy in the region. For thousands of years, the lands surrounding what is the modern state of Israel have been the sites of bloody conflict.

Many far left college Democrats in the progressive realm of academia and higher education and the students in which they “teach” have openly condemned Israel after the nation responded to the terrorist attacks by bombing Gaza. At several large institutions and in many urban centers in the nation widespread protests defending the state of Palestine (which sponsors terrorist groups like Hamas) have occurred, often led by American students, recent immigrants from the region, and affluent progressives. Leon Cooperman, a hedge fund manager and an alumnus of Columbia, announced he would no longer give the institution financial contributions following the demonstrations. Cooperman graduated Columbia with the class of 1967 and was appalled by a professor’s decision to lead a protest against Israel after calling the Hamas terrorist attacks “awesome”.