Thousands Rally in Pakistan With Anti-American Chants

The state of international politics has appeared increasingly ominous since the early October attack by the Islamic terrorist group Hamas in Israel. The conflict reignited armed warfare in the historically contested and violent region of the Middle East. Even though a thousand innocent civilians were murdered by the terrorist group, many Americans on the left of the political spectrum continue to support Palestine and the cause of the terrorists. Many leftist college students and Democrats who dominate higher education across the country have consistently blamed Israel for the conflict in the region. They even protested the nations decision to defend itself and respond to the murders by bombing Gaza. These protests have often occurred in cities and on college campuses, led by American students, recent immigrants from the region, and wealthy cosmopolitans.

Disregarding the fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization, and the reality that other terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Al Qaeda have threatened to get involved, many leftists stand against Israel. In New York City, there have been massive protests in support of Hamas and the state of Palestine which sponsors terrorists. Supporters of the Islamic group in America includes many members of the LGBTQ community. Ironically and laughably, in extremist Muslim dominated countries, the gay lifestyle is outlawed, and those found to be engaging in it are usually killed.

In Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad, thousands of citizens gathered in a rally to protest Israel’s offensive actions in Gaza. Thousands of citizens waved Palestinian flags and shouted anti-American slogans. The protest was planned by the political party Jamaat-e-Islami. It is a religious extremist party, and openly supports Palestine and staunchly opposes Israel and its right to sovereignty. A rally was originally planned to include a march to the American embassy, but Pakistani law enforcement forced the operations to occur elsewhere. Due to the threat of violence, law enforcement officials in the country ended up detaining several organizers.