“The View” Makes Pathetic Excuse For Kamala Harris Word Salad

Sara Haines, co-host of “The View,” expressed difficulty listening to Vice President Kamala Harris’s speeches on Tuesday and suggested that the administration improve her delivery.

During the discussion, the hosts mentioned Harris and how her role in securing the black vote for President Biden in 2020 may not necessarily guarantee votes for her and Biden in the 2024 election due to potential factors such as racism and sexism.

Haines expressed difficulty in listening to the speeches of the first woman Vice President, citing Harris’s tendency to use what is commonly referred to as a “word salad.” 

Haines said It is unclear whether the person is going off script, ad-libbing, or improvising, but she suggests they need to change. If it is the scriptwriter, they need to change the scriptwriter.

Haines said that if she is reading a teleprompter, it needs to be fixed immediately. 

The View aired a clip of Harris talking about the passage of time.

In it, Harris mentions “profoundly” that there is significant importance to the passage of time. Harris’s gibberish inspired laughter as well as horror. The hosts proceeded to present a few more instances of nonsensical language.

Haines stated that the administration and president are responsible for protecting her.

Sunny Hostin tried to run cover for the ridiculous Harris. She said, as a lawyer, it is common to speak in threes because it is easier for people to remember. Hostin mentioned that when discussing a car, one would refer to it as the car, the red car, or the fast red car.

The charge isn’t that Harris repeats herself; her concepts are non-sensical, and it only gets worse when she repeats it three times.

Joy Behar, co-hosting, stated that Trump is skilled at using the word salad. “Whataboutism” is a classic mechanism of The View. No one on “their team” is at fault as long as something vaguely similar happened across the aisle.

Trump is a classic foil. 

Behar, however, offered no clips to back up her assertion.

The conversation then moved on to Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.