“The View” Hosts Says Biden Should Admit Wrongdoing

(PresidentialHill.com)- The co-hosts from ABC’s “The View” last week called out President Biden for not publicly addressing the ongoing scandal related to the batches of classified documents found at the Penn Biden Center in Washington and in the president’s Wilmington home.

During last Tuesday’s broadcast, co-host Joy Behar conceded that while she loves Joe Biden and knows that there is a difference between his mishandling of classified records and Donald Trump’s, she thinks the president should speak more about it so the public can understand that his case is different from Trump’s.

Behar added that since Biden is on video talking about how irresponsible Trump was, he has to come out and admit he was irresponsible too or he will look like a hypocrite. She said Biden should tell the American people that he didn’t know he had classified documents and he will do what he can to “uncover this.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin piped up, adding that Biden should admit that he was careless and announce that the “processes that are in place” need to be reviewed.

Hostin added that since there is an ongoing investigation, Biden probably won’t speak about the matter. At the same time, she criticized the White House’s lack of transparency.

Nominal “Republican” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said the president needs to come clean with the public about how many documents were found.

Griffin noted that highly classified documents are carefully labeled, sealed, and locked in a lead bag when handled by an official which is why she doesn’t understand how Biden could end up with them.

Griffin asked what processes were in place at the White House that Biden could leave with classified records, adding, “Is it a document free-for-all?”

Fox News reported on Saturday that the FBI conducted a “consensual search” of the president’s Wilmington home on Friday during which even more classified documents were found.

Joseph Fitzpatrick, an Assistant US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, told Fox that the FBI conducted the search of Biden’s home from 9:45 am until 10:30 pm on Friday, January 20.

The classified documents retrieved included records dating from Joe Biden’s time in the Senate as well as records from his time as vice president.