The View” Host Equates Saving Unborn Children To Being For Segregation

( After a leaked draft order revealed that the Supreme Court is preparing to overrule Roe v Wade, Joy Behar speculated that the court would allow for the racial re-segregation of public schools in the United States.

According to Politico, Associate Justice Samuel Alito drafted a majority draft judgment in the 1973 landmark abortion case, which indicates that the decision would be reversed.
“Roe was egregiously incorrect from the beginning,” Alito stated in his decision. “Its rationale was egregiously flawed, and the ruling has had negative ramifications.”

Moreover, instead of bringing about a national consensus on the abortion problem, Roe and Casey have enflamed discussion and exacerbated the conflict.

According to Chief Justice John Roberts, an inquiry has been launched to find out who leaked the document.

On The View, Behar sarcastically and idiotically suggested that the Supreme Court should consider revisiting the 1954 decision Brown v. Board of Education, which concluded that racial segregation in public schools was unconstitutional in the United States.

The co-host highlighted her displeasure with the Supreme Court justices selected by former President Donald Trump, who all allegedly voted to return the subject of abortion rights to the states.

Behar cautioned that Roe v Wade might be “only the beginning” of what is in store for the United States under the conservative majority on the Supreme Court:

Speaking about their respective confirmation hearings, Behar said that it appeared to her that they were all of the opinions that a precedent had been established and that they would follow the precedent.

In the meantime, she lamented, “it’s the opposite that’s happening.” She said it was not surprising to her. Her concern is that this is only the beginning and that they will soon move on to homosexual marriage and perhaps Brown v. Board of Education.

She said “they” have already begun to damage our freedom to vote slightly. As a result, she believes she sees fascism on the horizon.

The confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominees Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett ended with each declaring the country’s abortion law to be “settled.”

According to reports, all three were members of a 5-4 majority necessary to reverse the landmark decision.