The Story Behind The “World’s Youngest Transgender Model”

( Noella McMaher, who is ten years old and has been dubbed the “youngest transgender model in the world,” began her social shift at the age of four. The biological mother of Noella, who is now openly transgender, has a transgender partner.

The mother, Dee McMaher, asserts that Noella realized her child was a female at the age of two. So she dressed Noella like a girl and treated her like one, and she planned to get surgery when Noella was 16 years old.

She said at age 2, she began telling them that she wasn’t a male. She transitioned socially at age 4.5 and legally at age 7, according to Dee.

With thousands of followers on social media, a modeling career, and a website that asks for funds to “help” Noella’s “dreams,” the 10-year-old now has it all.

She began transitioning Noella when she was four years old, though she seems to think it should have happened sooner.

She would throw fits since she was so young and wouldn’t wear boy things. The mother explained that although the child knew what she wanted, she lacked the vocabulary to express it. She detested anything masculine, so I took her to a gender clinic.

Noella, who was four then, allegedly told the staff at the gender clinic that he was a female. Dee socially transitioned Noella at that point, most likely using pronouns like “she/her,” and dressed the youngster like a female.

The child’s first name was officially changed to Noella by age seven. As soon as we discovered this and gave her permission to be herself, she thrived, according to Dee.

Noella was forced onto the runway at age seven for a modeling career and transgender activism, in addition to the legal name change. She will begin taking hormones and puberty blockers in the coming years, and at 16, she will have gender-conversion surgery. The family intends to have the youngster undergo transsexual surgery when they are 16. Noella is the first transgender child to attend New York Fashion Week. Her mother Dee said, “I don’t think she ever gets nervous.”

Noella has worked with the Trans* Clothing Company and fashion designer Mel Atkinson. She also has a more than 18,000-follower Instagram account. Money is requested to assist Noella’s “dreams” via the Instagram Link Tree. Dee McCord attempted to convict him of a hate crime and had him imprisoned for alleged child abuse in 2017. In 2018, the father pled guilty to a lesser offense and was sentenced to probation, but he could get visitation rights in the future.