The Media Is Ignoring Police’s Reporting On Scandal

( Another race hoax falls apart at the seams and the same corporate media outlets that reported the unsubstantiated claims as fact have gone strangely silent.

Last week, Brigham Young University said that it has found no evidence to corroborate the accusation made by Duke volleyball player Rachel Richardson. In late August Richardson claimed that a BYU fan hurled racial slurs at her and her teammates during a game at BYU’s Smith Fieldhouse.

The American corporate media wasted no time going full Jussie Smollett, screeching about racism while gullibly taking the alleged incident at face value.

BYU combed through videos from the game to find proof of Richardson’s allegation, but nothing turned up. Surveillance video showing the BYU fan accused of making the slurs also didn’t back up Richardson’s claim.

According to BYU Associate Athletic Director Jon McBride, the surveillance video of the fan in question doesn’t show him shouting anything at Rachel Richardson. As a result, BYU apologized to the fan and reversed its knee-jerk decision to impose a lifetime ban barring him from attending BYU sporting events.

And after promoting the race hoax, networks like ABC News and ESPN fell silent when BYU determined that there is no proof that the “incident” ever happened.

On Monday, CNN finally reported that BYU found no evidence the supposed racial attack happened.

The slandered fan maintained that he never made any racial slurs and said he only shouted that the Duke players shouldn’t hit the ball into the net.