The DOJ Is Going After China’s Secret Police Stations

19FortyFive reports that the FBI has charged two Chinese nationals operating an illegal police station in New York City, intending to silence Chinese dissidents.

Two New York City residents, 61-year-old Bronx resident “Harry” Lu Jianwang and Chen Jinping, a 59-year-old from Manhattan, were arrested by the FBI on Monday for running an unauthorized police station.

Dozens of Chinese law enforcement and intelligence agents working in the United States have been accused by the United States Department of Justice of physically and digitally targeting Chinese dissidents in the United States in a frenzy of counterintelligence activities.

The two recently arrested Chinese nationals face charges of obstruction of justice and conspiracy to operate as agents of the Chinese government after they were accused of erasing text conversations.

The Communist Party of China has not ceased using violence against those who oppose its rule. With its advanced cyber capabilities, the Chinese government can steal data, influence elections, and impose a totalitarian regime.

Forty Chinese law enforcement personnel and two Cyberspace Administration employees have been detained and charged. They went after Chinese democracy advocates in the US who were speaking out against the restrictive measures of the Chinese government by creating fake online profiles.

According to the acting assistant director of the FBI’s counterintelligence division, Kurt Ronnow, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security has been sending operatives after Chinese Americans who have the bravery to speak out against the Chinese Communist Party. One way this was accomplished was by stifling the free expression of Americans using video conferencing software; another was by distributing propaganda to weaken faith in our democratic procedures.

The Chinese government is terrified of dissidents. Regarding authoritarian surveillance nations, the Chinese Communist Party has raised the bar relatively high. The goal is to root out the causes of unhappiness before they may snowball into a significant political uprising against Beijing’s authority.

Opponents of the communist government in China have no alternative but to escape the country due to the pervasiveness of the surveillance state there. There appears to be no way to evade detection, even though you are thousands of miles from mainland China.