The Ad Being Used Against Bernie Sanders Is Brutal

( On February 21, the 81-year-old senator Bernie Sanders will release his most recent book, It’s Okay To Be Angry About Capitalism, with a suggested retail price of $28.

Sanders has been called a hypocrite for charging up to $95 for a ticket to an event promoting his new book on capitalism,

One certainly hopes the socialist “sells” many tickets and books.

The Democratic Socialist, like many writers, will be celebrating the release of his book at the Anthem in Washington, DC. Tickets range from $35 to $95. A copy of the book is included with tickets $55 and upwards.

Despite Congress’ previous week’s condemnation of the Ticketmaster monopoly, the Vermont politician is selling tickets to the anti-capitalism event through, you guessed it, Ticketmaster.

Greg Gutfeld, the host of The Five, criticized the senator for charging any fees given that Sanders supports socialism.

Judge Jeanine Pirro, the co-host of The Five, criticized the move by Sanders as hypocritical for having his followers “work all day to pay to watch him give his speech.”

Fox News wasn’t the only outlet to criticize Sanders. Twitter users used the chance to criticize the senator.

“Anyone find the “irony” in Bernie Sanders selling tickets for his “It’s Okay to Be Angry About Capitalism” book tour on Ticketmaster?” said Michigan State Representative Bill Huizenga on Twitter.

Another Twitter user noted that Bernie Sanders is selling tickets for his book tour. It’s Okay to Be Angry About Capitalism is the title of his book.” Read that as many times as you need to to understand how dumb that is.,” they said.

Sanders has not addressed the criticism in the media.

The event organizer stated that on March 1, Sanders will participate in a discussion with his supporters about the “progressive takedown of the uber-capitalist status quo that has enriched millionaires and billionaires at the expense of the working class, and a blueprint for what transformational change would actually look like.’

The general public will be able to purchase tickets on February 3.