Teen Accused Of Shooting Man, Hiding Body In Air Mattress

Allegedly, a juvenile from Missouri shot a guy fourteen times before secreting his corpse in an inflatable mattress.

Per the probable cause affidavit, 18-year-old Jackson Pierce was charged with murder for shooting 23-year-old Dalton Coleman after an incident at a residence in St. Peters on Monday evening.

Court records show that on Monday, Pierce, Coleman, and a third witness—who remains anonymous—were in the company of an unidentified juvenile. Later that night, after the witness had left the three at the St. Peters residence, Pierce called to say that Coleman had been acting erratically and had asked for “unknown items.”

Following a request that he relocate “things of value, including a pistol” from the kitchen to a bedroom, Pierce reportedly admitted to shooting and murdering Coleman after calling the witness back a few minutes later.

According to Pierce, who was explaining what occurred to the witness, Coleman had barged into the bedroom, attempted to hit him, and then there was a fight for the pistol.

Pierce informed the witness that he thought he shot Coleman fourteen times in all.

The witness reportedly urged Pierce to call the police, but the adolescent refused.

The witness then called the St. Peters Police Department and their attorney.

Later on, a SWAT team came to the house and took both Pierce and the minor into custody there.

The affidavit added that authorities located Coleman’s corpse inside “a rolled-up air mattress that had been knotted firmly and wrapped with a piece of an electrical cable inside of an upstairs bedroom closet” after using a drone to explore the interior of the residence.

According to Pierce’s confession, the juvenile tried to clean up the scene of the gunshot “with towels and dish soap on the carpet.”

Authorities reported that Coleman died from around fifteen gunshot wounds to the belly, hand, and face, according to preliminary autopsy findings.

The minor is being held without bail.

According to condolences posted on social media, Coleman passed away less than a year after becoming a father.