Ted Cruz Under Fire For Linking Hillary Clinton To Epstein Partner Found Dead

(PresidentialHill.com)- Republican Senator for Texas Ted Cruz is facing fresh criticism over comments linking failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to the death of Jean Luc-Brunel, a former associate of dead sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Luc-Brunel was a 76-year-old billionaire who was facing charges of the rape of a minor as well as sexual harassment. Last Friday, he was found dead in his prison cell…and the camera pointing at his cell had mysteriously stopped working. He died in the same strange and convenient circumstances that Epstein did in his own cell.

The billionaire was believed to have been connected to a pedophile ring established by Epstein, who allegedly committed suicide in his prison cell back in 2019.

Cruz responded to the news with a joke on Twitter, asking where Hillary Clinton was that weekend. The joke references an ongoing meme about Clinton, in which people who die are said to have had “information that may lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton.” The joke is that Clinton kills her political enemies and isn’t really based on the truth…at least, not everybody believes that it’s true.

“Anyone know where Hillary was this weekend?” he asked on Twitter.

And instead of recognizing his tweet as a joke, the press has gone insane.

The Independent, a left-wing British newspaper, noted that Cruz was referring to a “decades-old” and “unsubstantiated” claim that Clinton has been involved in the deaths of her political opponents. The newspaper didn’t seem to understand that it’s a joke.

Do you think the media does this on purpose, or are they genuinely humorless ideologues who think that Ted Cruz and all Republicans are Nazis and conspiracy theorists?