Ted Cruz Reports Possible “Child Abuse” Situation

Last week, Texas Senator Ted Cruz responded to a recent Project Veritas video revealing that an Austin, Texas children’s hospital is performing transgender medical procedures on children as young as 8 years old, calling it “horrific.”

During an interview on Newsmax last Thursday, Cruz noted that when he and his wife Heidi lived in Austin, they had taken their daughters to Dell Children’s Medical Center, which he described as a “phenomenal institution.”

But after the Project Veritas video revealed the extent of the hospital’s transgender surgeries on children, Cruz argued that children do not have “the maturity to make permanent life-altering decisions.” He said it was tragic that hospitals around the country are “performing genital mutilation” on “perfectly healthy” children that will sterilize them “for the rest of their lives.”

“I think that’s child abuse,” Cruz added.

The Texas Republican said he is engaging in oversight to investigate the policies around transgender procedures performed on children which he said are “fundamentally wrong” and “immoral.”

After the Project Veritas undercover video was released, Senator Cruz and Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy sent a letter to Dell Children’s Medical Center last Wednesday demanding that it provide information about the transgender procedures it is performing on children, the Daily Caller reported

In their letter, the Republican lawmakers argue that the science “overwhelmingly opposes” what they describe as “junk procedures.” They cite studies showing that the vast majority of children suffering from gender dysphoria grow out of it once they reach adulthood.

Cruz and Roy also point out that several countries in Western Europe, including Finland, Sweden, and Great Britain, who were once “world leaders in gender experimentation,” have imposed heavy restrictions on accessing transgender medical procedures, only permitting puberty blockers and hormone treatments for patients who meet “strict eligibility requirements” and in a “research setting.”